IMG 6137 1 Panorama Red Crop - Aleksandr Reznik

Handheld Gigapixel Photography

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Alexandr Reznik will share his experience behind creating New York Empire State building 45 gigapixel photo (made in cooperation with It was 1 week shooting 3 month stitching project.

The topics will include:
- finding financing
- technological preparation
- dealing with 20-30m parallax
- multiday shooting
- combining different focal length images
- post-processing challenges

He will also touch on another handheld Flying Willy gigapixels and share a funny story when outsourcing shooting of Flying Willy panorama in San Francisco to a non-photographer.

Presented by:

Aleksandr Reznik

Aleksandr Reznik

Born in 1976 in USSR (Vilnius). Working as IT trainer since 2002. Now work as IT solution architect. Alexander start photographing in 1990. In 2009 start making panoramas and opened his photography school. His main specialization is difficult to make panoramas like handheld gigapixels, handheld bracketed panoramas etc. Since 2013 Aleksandr is running panoramas stitching…

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