Royal-Crematirium 2580 - Al Caudullo

GoPro Fusion: Getting the Best From Your Camera Workshop

The GoPro Fusion is considered by many to be the best Prosumer 360º video Camera on the market. This workshop by Al Caudullo at IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will explore the workflow and some secret features. Whether you have one already or are just thinking about getting one this workshop will have something for everyone.

Also, he will highlight how the Fusion is being used in Vietnam to teach kids to create 360º Immersive stories. Project UPSHIFT 360 empowers marginalized youth to create positive change in their community by breaking boundaries and helping people step out of their comfort zone.


Al Caudullo 360 VR Voice

Al Caudullo, has been delivering award-winning compelling productions spanning the globe. Exotic destinations blended with unique cultural experiences give viewers an experience like no other. From vibrant American cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas to the isolated mountains of Mongolia. From ancient civilizations of Cambodia and Myanmar to the lush resorts of Southeast Asia…

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