Workshop Cover Photo - Shigeru Okada

高解像度パノラマ 撮影とオーサリングの基本 - High Resolution Panoramic Shooting & Authoring Workshop

Explanation of the workflow in which a stitch error does not occur reliably in the photographing method of a high-resolution panorama using a diagonal fish-eye lens, "horizontal 6 + zenith + nadir" shooting method. This workshop will be held in Japanese.


・No Parallax Pointの正しい理解

Shigeru OKADA

Shigeru OKADA 岡田写真事務所 / VR factory

Professional photographer based in Tokyo. Started shooting and authoring 360 panorama since 1996. Currently I am working on the car interior panorama as many projects of Japanese automobile manufacturers. プロ写真家。1996年からパノラマの撮影とオーサリングを始める。現在は主に日本の自動車メーカー案件のクルマのインテリアパノラマの制作を数多く手掛けている。

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