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How to Build a Professional Virtual Reality System

Virtual Reality is all about user experience, and it is a mix of science and art. Besides the artistic side of storytelling, creators heavily rely on the camera system to capture their content. However, each system has different spec and purposes. How can we best decide which system to choose?

KC Lai from iZugar has been developing VR systems for over 5 years. At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference he will share dream VR system solutions: from the optics used for image acquisition, capturing on sensor and processing in ISP, encoding, storage to stitching. These settings are mostly set by the manufacturers with different priorities and trade-offs so this talk will help prepare attendees to know the physical limits of the tools available and will assist in selecting the right tools for your next project.


KC Lai iZugar Studio


KC Lai, Founder of iZugar Studio. We created many super fisheye lenses for 360 video, and keep shooting seamless 4K video with just two gopro camera. Our 3D360 system is the most affordable solution that welcomed by the community.

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