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Social media has changed the game entirely for getting discovered as a creative. No longer does your short film need to be accepted into a film festival, nor your photo need to be published professionally for you to be ‘discovered’ by the world. In 2018 you can make a name AND career for yourself by utilising social media (something that’s free to all of us) to build a portfolio, a reputation and an influence, inside and outside the 360 community.

This talk by Ben Claremont at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will cover:
• How he turned his hobby for 360 into a career
• WHY mastering social media is vital to the growth of a business or personal brand
• Tips for creating viral and highly engaging Facebook content
• How to build an Instagram account to 10k+ followers
• How to grow a YouTube channel that helps your business
• Which 360 content is best suited to which platforms

This talk will aim to turn you from a great photographer into a great photographer who understands social media marketing, and how to achieve speedy growth of both your personal AND business profiles.

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Ben Claremont Life in 360

Ben Claremont is the face of the most popular YouTube channel focused around 360 cameras, Life in 360. Starting as a newbie just three years ago, Ben not only taught himself everything there is to know about point and shoot 360 cameras, but also how to use social media to turn his hobby into a…

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