Workshop: How To Make 3D Spherical Panoramas

Thomas Sharpless has made a lot of stereoscopic 3D panoramas and has developed software that helps PTGui stitch them accurately. He will reveal all the details of a practical stereo work flow, from shooting the photos to publishing on the web and VR apps.

The Stereo 3D workshop will be in two parts:

  • Camera rigs and shooting techniques.
  • Stitching with PT3D, post-production and publishing.

Workshop participants will have a chance to do it all themselves, under expert guidance.


Register on Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/myevent?eid=34755780475


Presented by:
Thomas Sharpless

Thomas Sharpless tksharpless.net


Biochemist/Engineer/Panographer in Philadelphia, PA. Like to write software, hack with cameras, walk dogs. Contributor to Hugin, developer of Panini and PT3D s/w. IVRPA member since 2011; past director. Ambition: to create an automatic 6-dof 3D stitching system.

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