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Call for Volunteers

The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association is looking for creative, energetic volunteers to join the team! We need your help to further develop the IVRPA community, building meaningful online relationships with creators, developers and consumers.

Who you are?

You are an expert in building dynamic, high quality online and real-world communities and user engagement. You will monitor IVRPA’s public presence on social media and across various online and offline channels. You craft original, engaging content in high volume and publish it on an optimized schedule for maximum engagement. You’re also a strategic thinker who understands the anatomy of effective tactics across different social media channels.


  • Incredible passion for the IVRPA community
  • Experience managing brand social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook
  • Outstanding emotional intelligence
  • Impeccable copywriting and editing skills
  • Creativity and humor
  • Willingness to monitor and respond to social media activity after hours
  • Personal history as an active social media user
  • Mature judgment to address sensitive questions with positivity and discretion
  • Comfort with high personal visibility in the IVRPA community
  • 2-4 years of experience of owning social media channels for a brand/company
  • Experience working with MailChimp and WordPress
  • Previously worked with developers, hardware companies, or 2+ startups


  • Develop, own and execute content strategy for IVRPA’s channels
  • Represent IVRPA by actively driving, growing and managing our developer community, building healthy relationships with community power users and influencers, and engaging directly with users, online and offline
  • Evangelize our offerings and educate our users via forums, blogs, social media, events and other external communications channels.
  • Use qualitative feedback to identify key trends and insights in user needs and communicate them. Champion recommendations for product or process changes.
  • Lead new innovations in community programs, including process improvements, best practice sharing and measuring and driving community health metrics.

Interested in getting more involved with this talented community of VR professionals? Please send your resume to: info@ivrpa.org

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