IZugar IVRPA 2016 Abstract Apr

SPEAKER: Kc Lai, Ricoh

Believe it or not, prosumer VR cameras are coming and will flood the entry-level markets for VR production.

As a VR producer, it's time to gear up. Not simply getting a genlocked system, but making better stitching and video quality in ever-more challenging scenarios, and doing this faster!

What if we can streamline the workflow by taking the video right in the first place? Have a high quality and trust-worthy setup for every job & be 'live VR' ready?

Do you want the raw stitched file free from nasty noise in low light, as well as shorten the post working time by more than 50%?

You can take more orders with your increased productivity!

Many fellows are considering gearing up and want to keep it affordable at the same time. If those big and expensive systems do not fit your taste, we will show you the magic :)

We also have a lot of experience helping users convert their older rigs into POV rigs, live streaming rigs and even a proven stereo 360 rig, expanding the service scope without reinvesting in everything again. We’ll also share some findings in our latest research.

See you all in Quebec City! :)

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