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INDIECAM: RAW, HDRi and HDSDI Cameras for Professional Virtual Reality Film Production

At IVRPA 2017 Raphael will talk about the latest updates in the nakedEYE VR-film camera system as well as the indieDICE cameras for live-VR productions. These include RAW and HDRi workflows, as well as HDSDI connectivity.

nakedEYE is a tiny production-proven professional VR-camera. It is a high quality, high resolution, full 360° VR-capture system for the production of cinematic VR content. The robust system records CinemaDNG RAW-files, the industry-leading RAW-format which was spearheaded by Indiecam. It now proves to be the best choice for high-end capture from cameras with a small footprint – even in VR.

indieDICE is the ideal module for compact and elaborate Live-Virtual-Reality-Rigs. It is the latest amazingly small global shutter HDSDI camera, which is also suited for Broadcast and Film Production. indieDICE is based on a global shutter sensor of the latest generation with 12 stops dynamic range - at an exceptionally economical price. The camera is fully self-contained and does not need a CCU for operation or control. Everything is integrated in the tiny body.

Shot with nakedEYE

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Raphael Barth Indiecam

Raphael Barth is the founder and CEO of Indiecam and has been developing professional miniature film-camera systems - including VR and panoramic film - for many years. Indiecam's miniature cameras have been used in countless international feature film productions. Raphael has a scientific background and is an experienced producer and post-production supervisor for digital cinema…

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