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Insta360’s New Tools for Intuitive VR Production

Insta360 will introduce new technologies that address longstanding bottlenecks in the VR production workflow.

Max Richter will share Insta360’s vision for spurring growth and creativity in the industry – with tools that bring VR production in line with the efficiency and ease of traditional video production.

Attendees will get a detailed look at Insta360’s new “no-stitch editing” extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, allowing creators to begin editing 360° footage directly in Premiere Pro CC without any initial stitching.

They’ll also see the unveiling of two new technologies designed to solve key problems in both the production and delivery of premium VR.


Maximilian Richter Insta360

Max Richter is Insta360's Global Marketing Lead and manages the company's external outreach. Since joining Insta360 in 2016, he has engaged industry leaders across multiple sectors as well as top-tier global media to help them understand the potential of 360 camera technology. His work also includes developing partnerships to help expand the capabilities of 360…

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