Dear IVRPA members,

I’ve said this before, but our industry continues to evolve at breakneck speed. VR is everywhere, and the tools, techniques and platforms are getting better all the time. The IVRPA exists to help promote the interests of the VR community and bring together creatives, innovators and other professionals, and the elected IVRPA Board of Directors (BoD) serves to guide these efforts.

At the end of each year there is an election of IVRPA board members to fill the seats of those whose terms have expired or those who will be vacant for other reasons.

For the upcoming election we have three directors whose terms are set to expire: Keith Martin, Sam Rohn, and Denis Gadbois.

The IVRPA would like to express its gratitude to these board members for all their work. We are also confident that they will continue to help promote and improve the IVRPA in the future. The IVRPA also wishes to thank the many other people who have donated their time and resources to the IVRPA over the past year.

Any IVRPA member who can make the committment may consider running for the BoD. This is your opportunity to give back to the community and to help keep the IVRPA at the forefront of the wave of technical and creative development and of public interest.

Be aware that this is a serious commitment, not a vanity position. The IVRPA BoD is legally responsible for the operation of this non-profit corporation. As a director you will be expected to spend at least a few hours per week working on projects and participating in discussions. This could expand depending on your level of involvement in projects and at certain times of the year. More importantly, you must be a self-starter able to take charge of projects and see them through, all while working as part of an international team. During the last couple of years the board of directors has been one of the most effective ever, and we all wish to maintain and even increase this momentum.

In our bylaws you can read in detail about the goals of the IVRPA and the duties and powers of the BoD: By legal requirement there is no compensation for serving on the board of directors.

If you want to apply to be a candidate please post your candidate statement and biography no later than December 6 on the members section of our forum: Please note that you will need to be logged in as a member to view this forum section.

If we have no more candidates than available seats the positions will be considered filled automatically.

The election voting period will be from November 22 through December 6.

On behalf of the IVRPA board of directors,
Keith Martin – President of the IVRPA

Keith Martin

Keith Martin London College of Communication

Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer and programmer. He has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late 1980s, developed multimedia and online projects since the beginning of the 1990s, and has worked in the magazine editorial sector since 1992.…

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