I am pleased to announce the December 2017 IVRPA Board of Directors election results. This year we had five candidates, and every one has clear support from the community. It is great to see people getting involved in how our organisation is to work and evolve. Everyone who stood for election is an important part of this.

This year we had three positions up for election. The candidates and the voting results are as follows:

Alfred Caudillo: 23 votes
Denis Gadbois: 36 votes
Kyle Giesbrecht: 27 votes
Keith Martin: 60 votes
Sam Rohn: 60 votes

The community has elected Denis Gadbois, Keith Martin and Sam Rohn to the IVRPA Board of Directors to continue the work being done. It is also clear that both Al Caudillo and Kyle Giesbrecht have good support and respect from the community. We will be talking with them to see how they would like to be involved over the next twelve months.

We all wish to thank Alexsandr Reznik for being the election coordinator. This is an important role, and it’s been handled well.

The IVRPA Board of Directors exists to help the organisation itself develop and evolve alongside our VR industries, and also to help shape those industries. We do this with your input and help throughout each year, so please bring your ideas and, if you have time, lend a hand in whatever ways you can. Evolution never stops.

Finally, we wish you all a good holiday break and a Happy New Year.

On behalf of the IVRPA board of directors,
Keith Martin – President of the IVRPA

Keith Martin

Keith Martin


Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer, programmer and lecturer. He is author of the Exif Fixer app and web service, and he pioneered embedding 360 panoramas in EPUB digital books. Keith has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late…

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