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Pick the right tools for your VR work

At the last IVRPA we talked about how do we raise the game from a small action cam with MFT systems. VR gears had a rapid development in the last year, both hardware and software, but there is still no silver bullet for all challenging scenario: low light, compact space, close proximity stitching, fast moving...etc. Can a $40k rig take them all? Probably not. We definitely want everything but it is not quite realistic to race all the top gears inside your house. So how would you choose the right tools? We can share some experience of how to gear up your arsenal in a smarter and flexible way. See you all in Vienna :)


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KC Lai iZugar Studio


KC Lai, Founder of iZugar Studio. We created many super fisheye lenses for 360 video, and keep shooting seamless 4K video with just two gopro camera. Our 3D360 system is the most affordable solution that welcomed by the community.

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