Kandao - Explore the Next-Gen Virtual Reality Imaging: From Stereo to Depth

As virtual reality hits the masses, new ways of creating content immersive experience are being explored, by both on-field experienced creators to leading VR camera manufacturer. Being the developer of the renowned professional VR camera Obsidian, Kandao keeps finding solutions that remove technical barriers for creative minds, making cutting-mapping, like stereoscopic stitching, depth mapping, 6Dof (Degree of Freedom) within the everyone’s reach.

This year, Kandao also launched a brand-new consumer camera QooCam with professional features of 360° and 3D combined, pushing high-end VR filming technology to the mainstream.

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference, Ivy from KANDAO will join hands with professional content creator Naoto Somese, the author of the guidebook "360 VR Video Making Workflow", to discuss the evolution of 360 panorama and how to further stretch the possibilities of VR imaging technology, from 360 to VR180, from stereo to depth.


Ivy Guo


Brand Manager from Kandao Technology Co. Ltd. Kandao focuses on virtual reality technology research and development, providing patented end-to-end solutions for virtual reality video capturing and live streaming, aiming to bring virtual reality experience to a wide range of users.

Naoto Somese N.A.O.


Naoto is a certified trainer of Kolor's Autopano Video and an instructor of 360 video on YouTube Space Tokyo. He organizes a study meeting named “VR MIRAIJUKU” every month in Tokyo and he was publishing a Guidebook titled "360 VR Video Making Workflow”.

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