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I'm part of a group of Google Trusted Photographers together with Chris Du Plessis and Nickolay Omelchenko, from different countries convinced that adequate tourism promotion can help developing countries to increase work and therefore the quality of life. Follow this idea we have created the project Map Africa for good.

The idea is to go to some countries, the first will be Zanzibar, where we have the full support of the local government, and instead of mapping the country, use our knowledge to actuate a technological transfer to local people in order to prepare them to map their own country.

We will provide them a mapping system and all the necessary equipment to capture all the part of the country (road, walking paths, and interior or monuments) and we will provide to the second phase of stitching and uploading all the contents in Italy, with fast computers and stable connections, and we will do all of that, for free, thanks to the support of our sponsors.

All the captured material will be upload on Google Maps and made available immediately to the whole world.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Federico Debetto KMedia

I'm a 360° content specialist, since 2014 I'm a Google Street View Trusted Photographer, and in 2015 I have created the first Italian project of touristic promotion through Google Street View virtual tours. From that day I steadily work to improve this kind of project and to export in several countries across Europe with the…

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