Speaker: Andrey Sudarchikov

KRPano is one of the most important and flexible pano player engines in our industry. Its droplets are good for quick production, but customising its output involves a very steep learning curve. Fortunately, Andrey Sudarchikov from AirPano is a seasoned KRPano pro, and he’s going to lead three IVRPA conference workshops on using this powerful tool!


Starting KRPano

If you’re a beginner his Starting KRPano workshop is for you. This will cover base features, making simple tours, using the default skin, and basic publishing.

Extending KRPano

If you’re happy with what you learned from the first workshop or know you’re an intermediate user you should also attend his Extending KRPano workshop. This will go over coding methods, the events system, making XML plugins and lift the lid on templates.

Mastering KRPano

If you’re more experienced and you want the secrets behind advanced KRPano use, his Mastering KRPano workshop is what you need. In this Andrey will explain the viewer API, external interface and web app embedding.

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