Live! Making a Virtual Reality Story in 5 Minutes

The OntoVR team has been challenged to create in only 5 minutes a complete virtual reality story to appear online during their presentation. Will they succeed? Come to Vienna and find out!

Using compelling storytelling, visionary directors, and advanced VR production technology, OntoVR’s mission is to create VR that moves people, produce experiences that transform emotions, and inspire moments you’ll never forget.

We work at the intersection of creativity, design, concept and tech development, and we offer an end-to-end solution in Virtual Reality. Our solution has a very user-friendly interface and a low learning curve to mastering the tool. It is ideal for create a ‘point-and-discover’ interactive story.

The ability to include text, images, videos, sounds and background music in the platform makes the immersion experience fully complete.

We strongly believe an immersive virtual reality headset is the best way to watch VR stories. Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts, put on your glasses and join me on this journey...

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Presented by:

Bart Verhaegen

Bart Verhaegen Nuvia NV

Bart is co-founder of Nuvia and his reputation is based on the numerous, successful reference sites worldwide, going back in VR for half a decade. Their former technology platform, specialized in mass production of 360 imagery has been sold. Today, GOviaR creates a virtual reality and 360 degree content and distribution platform for brands…

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