Knows what they see & Finwe template app - an affordable solution for branded 360 app - Prague 2015


Finwe presents a first glimpse of their patent pending LiveHEAT technology, a novel method and service for automatically tracking and visualizing 360 and VR visible view area across a large user base.

It gives answers for example to the following questions: What exactly the audience is looking at right now? What parts of the scene the audience mostly observes? What part of the scene the audience does not see at all? Does the audience turn their heads at the intended moment? Which actor the audience follows when they separate? Have their freely observed the scene enough already? These are just a few examples. LiveHEAT quickly becomes an irreplaceable tool in your 360° film work flow.

The common challenge in 360 video commercialization is how to present your content with your own branding in affordable way. In the first phases of production, custom app development is often too expensive and you don't want to showcase your content under different brand. Finwe has created an affordable solution for your entry level custom app needs. With template app you can have your own videos, own branding and app can be even published under your own app store account. It supports video playback up to 4k resolution and content can be viewed also in VR mode.

Juha Kela Finwe Ltd.

Juha Kela, CEO and Founding member of Finwe Ltd and Chairman of the board and founder of Finwe provides services and tools for a superior mobile panorama video viewing experience. FinCloud offers services for 360 video production including consultation and sales of 360 video equipment.

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