Finwe's LiveSYNC tool started as a practical multiplatform presentation tool for VR content. LiveSYNC enables content creators to present their projects to their clients and partners from a simple and intuitive mobile application.

Today, LiveSYNC tool has evolved into a feature-rich industry proven digitalization tool. LiveSYNC enables users to easily add comments and notes on top of the 360° videos & images and share the commented projects with a cloud service. Features were developed in close collaboration with FinCloud, Fortum and other industrial partners.

To enable easy and independent 360° content creation for example in industrial plants, construction sites or schools FinCloud created a 360° Video Starter Kit. It includes all the required tools for plant workers, engineers, students, etc to easily capture any environment in 360°, add notes, create reports, task list, etc in less than 30 minutes.

Talk provides an overview of the evolution of the tool as well as a glimpse to new interesting features: adding video analytics, AI and photogrammetry to the workflow.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

Presented by

Juha Kela Finwe Ltd.


Juha Kela, CEO and Founding member of Finwe Ltd and Chairman of the board and founder of FinCloud.tv. Finwe provides services and tools for a superior mobile panorama video viewing experience. FinCloud offers services for 360 video production including consultation and sales of 360 video equipment.

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