Marzipano is a new 360º viewer for the web.

Manuel Cabral Digisfera Marzipano Panorama Viewer 02
It was designed for compatibility with modern web technologies and standards, so it can be customized by anyone with some knowledge of CSS, HTML and/or Javascript.

To easily get started with viewer we have created the Marzipano Tool. This innovative tool that runs directly on the browser can process panoramas and generate a template which includes Marzipano.

Marzipano was created primarily for WebGL, but it also has fallbacks for devices and browsers that do not support it, down to Internet Explorer 8. It also provides a powerful Javascript API which allows users a very fine control of how it works.

This talk will present Marzipano and the Marzipano Tool. We will show how anyone one can easily start using the viewer and how it can be customized using standard Javascript, CSS and HTML.

Presented by:

Manuel Cabral Digisfera

Manuel Cabral studied Network Engineering and has a Master's degree on the subject from Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. During his studies he made a stay in Stockholm for Erasmus at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). After that he made a one year internship at the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, where he…

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