For our October 29th member meeting, Brian Richards will present an update on some of the latest developments in the FRAME Metaverse and VR virtual meeting platform. Starting from the IVRPA Virtual Campus that was a key part of our WebXR event in 2021 and moving to other virtual spaces created as part of Brian’s annual 360 VR Workshop for Community College Photography students. During the meeting members will be able to enter the IVRPA Virtual Campus and other VR virtual spaces, from their desktop or from a VR headset such as the Meta Quest or Quest 2.

In addition to presentations, these meetings give members a chance to discuss all things IVRPA and XR related and to connect with fellow XR travelers. Come join us on Saturday, October 29th at 15:00 UTC, 11 AM EDT, and 8 AM PDT.

Members please see your email for details of how to join us for the IVRPA Members Monthly Meeting or email us at info@ivrpa.org

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