One Ocean SeaWorld

Michael Buday and Terry Brown will speak at the IVRPA 2024 Las Vegas Conference about their work with awe-inspiring massive circular VR system at One Ocean SeaWorld in Abu Dhabi.

Michael Buday is a Senior Editor and Technologist at MacGillivray Freeman Films, with 40+ years in the business. He started his career as an assistant editor at the BBC in London, and since worked with many major post houses, networks, studios and productions in London and the U.S. with credits including Oprah Winfrey, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Nova, MTV Video Music Awards, ESPN, HBO, Warner Bros, and Sony Pictures.

As a technologist on the ground floor of the “HD” revolution, he was the online editor of the first prime time show broadcast in HD, Chicago Hope, in 1998. Most notably, he received a George Foster Peabody award as one of the editors of Break the Silence, a groundbreaking documentary hosted by Jane Seymour in 1994. From 1985 to 2008, Michael acted as a consultant to Sony Broadcast U.S, UK and Sony Broadcast Japan in the design of production and postproduction editing systems and workflows. In 2008, Michael co-founded FUZE, a Silicon Valley based startup that created the first video conferencing and collaboration applications for IOS, Android and major operating systems. In 2018, Michael co-produced and co-directed the documentary LIFE | LOVE | DOGS, which premiered on Amazon Prime in June of 2019 and today is available on over 25 streaming platforms.

Terry Brown is Vice President of Technology and Digital Post Production at MacGillivray Freeman Films. Terry is a 40+ year technology and post veteran of the Motion Picture and Television industry. TB studied electrical engineering at Florida Tech, taking after his father who also was in the industry. He spent 25 years in Hollywood, 21 of which were spent at the famed Laser-Pacific Media Corporation. Enter MacGillivray Freeman Films in Laguna Beach, CA, as Vice President of Technology and Digital Post Production, Terry is relishing being able to work with an amazing IAMX film studio, in a family atmosphere, and be “The Customer” at facilities that were once his competitors. Pushing technology boundaries and developing workflows for the future are his driving forces. I also love being able to be involved in all phases of the process from influencing scripts to creating deliverables (color correction and aspect ratio reformatting) for distribution. In more recent years the company has embarked on some giant, non-IMAX projects like 4D flying ride films and content for a massive circular VR screen at an amusement park.

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