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In January 2015 photographer and journalist Martin Edström and his large team mounted an expedition to Son Doong - the world's largest cave - in Vietnam. The goal? Capturing the cave in 360° and making an interactive reportage from its depths with the support of National Geographic.

The expedition involved many challenges including adapting the 360° workflow for use in the remote wilderness, lighting massive caverns with portable lights and stitching panoramas in the field. What could go wrong, right?

You'll get the whole story during Prague 2015.

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Martin Edström Photojournalist

Martin Edström is a photographer and journalist working with immersive and interactive reportages built on 360 degree images. Combining in-depth storytelling with new technology, Edström is committed to telling important stories in new and immersive ways. His clients include media like The Guardian and The New York Times and organizations such as UNDP and International…

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To get more info on this amazing project, see Martin Edström's blog.

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