We've recently launched a number of new features in Kuula Virtual Tour Editor. Here's a summary of what's new:

Audio Background - you can now easily upload and add background audio loops to your tours or add audio to hotspots,
In-line Images - you can place in-line images, simply place a regular photo to create galleries and presentations,
Text & Fonts - Kuula supports Google Fonts with its large choice of web optimized fonts and now you can choose between 800 different styles,
Custom Icons - if you have a set of custom designed icons or you want use a set of branded images for your hotspots, you can use your own assets,
Nadir/ Zenith Patches - you can easily cover tripods or other elements in the nadir or zenith with a custom picture or your own logo.

Virtual Tour: https://kuula.co/post/7Y4Nk.

Kuula is the best platform to host your 360 photos and a FAST and EASY way to build virtual tours and interactive presentations. You can link 360 images, add hotspots with text, images or videos, or just add text. Kuula works great on both desktop and mobile, the content can be viewed in VR and can be easily embedded on other websites.

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Hope you will like the new features and you will check them all out soon!

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