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The Development of Virtual Reality Content Involves the Innovation of New Technologies.

Two promising technologies that could revolutionize the possibilities of creating and experiencing live action VR are volumetric capture and light-field technology. Both technologies are the focus of research activities INVR.SPACE and REALLIFEFILM are involved in.

Until recently, as a user of interactive VR experiences, one generally encounters animated figures in an artificial environment resembling a computer game. The next upcoming innovation will be the integration of Volumetric VR.

Sönke Kirchhof at IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will present the new R&D project “VVOW“ - Volumetric Video Workflow, which is aiming a novel 3D reconstruction and modeling method for real people based on a multi-camera recording system. The new system will be used for future film productions, walk-in entertainment, and infotainment experiences.

Although the technical challenges for Volumetric VR are complex, it is important to remember that we are facing new worlds not only in terms of technology but also in terms of content and storytelling. In his talk, Sönke Kirchhof will examine the aspects of storytelling for Volumetric VR with its opportunities and limitations. He refers to the environment, the experiences and the learnings of the team in the research project VVOW. In particular, he uses examples from their last productions, such as the adaptation of Goethe's sorcerer's apprentice.

He will furthermore share insights about the evolving “K-Lens” Image Acquisition Technology, which is using light-field technology and will emphasize the relevance of the technology for the production of Live Action VR. The K-Lens Technology enables to shoot 3D and change focus and perspective subsequently with only one lens.






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Sönke Kirchhof INVR


Sönke Kirchhof is CEO and executive producer of award-winning VR Full Service Studio INVR.SPACE GmbH and in charge of all business-related operations as well as deciding on creative and technologic approaches. He works in the fields of VR, stereoscopic filmmaking, VFX and CGI Postproduction as well as Research and Development in arts and technology since…

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