We’re excited to announce new transition effects that you can use between images when creating Virtual Tours using Kuula. Here's a list of transitions you can choose from for your virtual tour:

📌 Walk-through
📌 Crossfade
📌 Fly-through
📌 Radial fade
📌 Vertical wipe
📌 Clock wipe
📌 Dot effect

Read more in our tutorial how to add transition effects to your Virtual Tours and change them from one to another.

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Kuula is an easy-to-use and budget friendly solution to create 360 Virtual Tours. You can link 360 images, add hotspots with text, music, images or videos, or just add text. Kuula works great on both desktop and mobile, content can be viewed in VR and it can be easily embedded on other websites. With Kuula you can build Virtual Tours that will impress your clients, generate leads and boost sales!

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Stay tuned for more great features coming soon!

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