Master Class with Co-founder Nancy Eperjesy

Join Nancy for a Master Class on Mantra VR at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference, a comprehensive set of practical and stylistic FX for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. You will also get a sneak peek of the upcoming FLUX, which advance the toolset available to immersive content creators. FLUX is GPU-accelerated 360° Volumetric Fractal Flames, that let you create stunning environments in 8K in close to Real Time. Nancy will share highlights on developing the SkyBox 360/VR software, which was acquired and integrated into Adobe CC 2018.




Nancy Eperjesy Mettle

Nancy Eperjesy is Co-Founder of Mettle, developer of SkyBox 360/VR production tools for Adobe software. Mettle transformed the nascent 360˚ VR video industry with their SkyBox software plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Customers include virtually all professional 360˚ content producers. SkyBox tech was acquired by Adobe, and integrated into CC 2018. Mettle…

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