Excursion: Magical Giants Causeway

  Drive from Belfast up along the Antrim Coast Road – rated one of the Top Five Road Trips worldwide – this ever-changing tapestry of scenery and colors, set against the dramatic coastal backdrop will no doubt take your breath away. The tour will stop in areas of outstanding natural beauty and historical significance alongside… Read More

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On Sunday, June 9th, attendees of IVRPA Belfast 2019 are invited to participate in a two-hour walking tour that offers a perfect introduction to the city’s rich history. We will take in impressive Victorian period architecture, wind our way through narrow entries, and stroll along the Lagan Waterfront. Along the way you’ll discover the story… Read More


360° photographer and film location scout Sam Rohn will be leading the participants through the historic and colorful streets of Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, and demonstrate and discuss best shooting technique with Ricoh Theta Z1 360° Camera, this walk may also include a visit to some of Belfast’s historic interior locations including Belfast City Hall and… Read More

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The Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera captures everything in front of its two wide-angle lenses with just one single shot. Ricoh has brought 360-degree imagery closer to a wide audience since the first Ricoh Theta was introduced in 2013. The new Ricoh Theta Z1 is equipped with a 1-inch type sensors capable of capturing far more… Read More

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Koncept VR has been on the forefront of 360 video content creation for many years now, with over 150 commercial productions, ranging from entertainment to industrial, from journalism to NGOs, from social media marketing to mini docs. Making the story the center of the experience is what makes the Koncept VR team so successful over… Read More

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We are already great at shooting 360 photos and videos. With that knowledge and adding Unity knowledge, there won’t be any limits for what we can create. VR for headsets, 360 photos controlled by gestures, etc.… And it is not just limited to VR, learning Unity will allow you to start in the world of… Read More

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360 creator Alex Rühl shares stories from her recent residency curating and hosting a monthly pop up VR cinema funded by the BFI in the UK. As a 360 filmmaker herself, she’ll share insight into what cinema audiences loved/hated about the medium and how that’s informing her own creative practice. Date and time for this… Read More

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Virtual reality may be cutting-edge technology, but the desire for people to feel as if they’re immersed a picture isn’t new. The concept was first explored in the late 18th century with the invention of the pictorial panorama, patented by Robert Barker in 1787. Later, in the 1960s, 360-degree film techniques like Circarama and Totalrama… Read More


I will be presenting our latest approach “MegaParallax” for creating rich 360° panoramas with motion parallax. The input to our approach is a single video of a camera sweep of a real 360° environment. Based on our novel multi-perspective panorama representation, we can then generate new images from the viewpoint of the viewer on the… Read More


Human stories happen in small spaces – cars, kitchens, bathrooms. I chose 180VR as the medium for my story because the story I was telling needed the unique potential for narrative transport offered by 180 storytelling . In this presentation I will talk about my experience of creating IF, a VR180 film about infertility that… Read More


360° Photographer Sam Rohn will guide the participants through the whole process, starting from the shooting techniques for best final results, as well as converting the raw DNG files, processing, and stitching the final image in order to let you achieve the full potential and very best results from the new Ricoh Theta Z1. Ricoh… Read More