VR and Diversity

Panel Debate: Where are we going? Where we want to be? Our Fears? Our dreams?

What's the next big thing in VR?

  • How do you see the VR Industry in next two years?

  • The future of VR: Is 360 video dead or is it the new rising of a new era of image quality?

  • Are one-shot cameras helping to monetize this industry or are they obstacles?

  • Are distributors of VR films and the cinema industry take VR seriously? Is the public even aware of what we do?

Panel Moderated by:

Michael Kolchesky Visual Solutions 360


Michael Kolchesky is CEO of Visual Solutions 360°. From 2012 she has been based in Paris, France and has collaborated on large-scale projects around the globe as a VR technical consultant, 360 VR camera operator, and a VR post-production expert. She has contributed to over 30 cinematic VR projects and worked as a 360 panoramic…


Thomas Pape

I'm a sound designer and a VR director who works mostly with 360 video and cinematic content. I specialize in using 3D audio for narrative VR and 360 film, and are doing research into long format 360 films.

Alex Rühl


As well as directing and producing VR projects, Alex is invited to speak globally on the topic of next-generation storytelling and the potential of VR as a cinematic art form. She is an advisor to companies and brands about the creative processes behind VR and also the behaviors of the audiences that experience it. She…

Alexandre Jenny

VR/AR absolute beginner Kolor Founder ex-GoPro Head of VR Casual multi-entrepreneur

Jeffrey Martin

Jeffrey Martin has been a part of the panoramic imaging community for ten years. He founded 360cities.net in 2006 which has grown to a community of 10,000 members with more than a quarter million 360º photos from 195 countries. Jeffrey is a creator of gigapixel imagery as well as the founder of Sphericam, a 360º…

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