VR and Diversity

Let's Celebrate Diversity

What is the VR industry doing well when it comes to diversity?
What can companies do to continue to support diversity?
What's 1 thing every person in this room can take away about helping to empower others no matter their background?
Is it true women have more equality in the opportunities in this industry and what are the obstacles that need to be issue?

Happening on June 13th at 14:00.

Panel Moderated by:

Alex Rühl


As well as directing and producing VR projects, Alex is invited to speak globally on the topic of next-generation storytelling and the potential of VR as a cinematic art form. She is an advisor to companies and brands about the creative processes behind VR and also the behaviors of the audiences that experience it. She…


Rachel Bracker With the Wind and the Stars


Rachel Bracker is a 360/VR filmmaker who loves using documentary to open minds and encourage understanding. She has created several immersive films as a director, editor, and producer with 360 Labs. Her stories bring viewers to the heart of the Grand Canyon, the epicenter of a forest fire, and into the living room of the…

Francois Mark

I am the CEO of Interactive Graphics Studios and founder of AfriEDX.org, a non-profit award-winning EduTech startup based in Mauritius. The mission of AfriEDX is to bring creativity and social development within the African Community through Innovative technologies like Virtual Reality (VR). I am also a Coursera mentor on VR and 360° Video Production and…

Michael Kolchesky Visual Solutions 360


Michael Kolchesky is CEO of Visual Solutions 360°. From 2012 she has been based in Paris, France and has collaborated on large-scale projects around the globe as a VR technical consultant, 360 VR camera operator, and a VR post-production expert. She has contributed to over 30 cinematic VR projects and worked as a 360 panoramic…

Dee Harvey


Dee Harvey is an immersive and interactive artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She is currently writing and directing an animated VR experience about miscarriage, produced by Chi Thai and executive produced by Nell Whitley (Marshmallow Laser Feast). In 2017 she was selected for Reframed, an immersive artist residency at Lighthouse in Brighton. She has…

Uli Futschik Koncept VR


As the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom 360 and Koncept VR, Uli manages day-to-day logistics as well as long term strategies for two successful businesses at the forefront of the cinematic VR movement. From hardware manufacturing to on-set directing she is in charge of all facets of the operations. Overseeing pre-production, location scouting, and crew…

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