PanoMoments: Capture living 360 degree VR photos

PanoMoments are neither photos nor videos. You could describe them as a stitchless 360° living photo, or an interactive VR time loop, but you really need to experience one (ideally on a mobile device) to fully appreciate what they are. During our IVRPA presentation we’ll be walking through the underlying concepts, provide hand-on demos of the new high-performance 60fps native VR mobile apps (how PanoMoments are meant to be viewed), and guidance on how to capture them on your own.

VR absolutely needs an abundance of engaging and high quality content. We feel that PanoMoments fit squarely in the gap between 360° photos and 360° videos, and open up a whole new creative medium to explore. Our motivation has always been to see what kinds of amazing content the community will create, and we’re very excited to be working in partnership with Entaniya and showing our latest developments at IVRPA.

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Dustin Kerstein PanoMoments

Geek, photographer, and perpetual tinkerer. Working on bringing a new creative VR medium to life.

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