Love it or hate it, Google is increasingly becoming significant player in the panoramic world.

Google Ecosystem

In this workshop we will look at all of Google's 360 offerings, including Google Maps Business View, Photospheres, Google Views, and Youtube 360 video (presented by Thomas Hayden). This workshop will be a practical "how to" session on getting started using the various platforms available from Google, as well as an advanced look at the small industry that is popping up around it, offering many different 3rd party tour builders and overlay systems. If you've been hesitant to give the Google tools a try, or want to know more about all the available options, this is the workshop for you!

Presented by:

Kyle Giesbrecht

Kyle Giesbrecht is an Edmonton, Canada based photographer and a Google Trusted Photographer. 90% of his panoramic work is done within the Google ecosystem with Google Maps Business View and Google Views virtual tours. His work has been featured internationally, notably in CNET, Vice Creators Project, CBS Gamespot as well as many times in the…

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