360 video is often hard for people to follow because it’s produced using the ‘director’s gaze’ approach of traditional film-making, which leaves viewers unsure of where to look. This explores flipping the problem on its head: presenting narratives in multiple places at once, just as conversations happen simultaneously in real life.

This project uses directional audio to let the user select the narrative they want to follow in a short immersive 360 video, with three interrelated conversations happening simultaneously. The aim is to see how people behave and react to this. How does this affect comprehension, engagement, and response? Can it lead to new approaches to script writing? Demonstration and explanation of the concept (currently a work in progress).

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 are TBD.

Presented by

Keith Martin

Keith has extensive experience as a print and digital graphic designer, photographer, writer, programmer and lecturer. He is author of the Exif Fixer app and web service, and he pioneered embedding 360 panoramas in EPUB digital books. Keith has worked in the print media production sector since the mid-1980s and print design since the late…

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