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PHIIMAX3D, Professional panoramic camera with six Sony Exmor R CMOS and 12MP resolution aspherical lenses for it to ensure the high image acquisition quality.

It can output 8K3D panoramic video. These processors use the same clock signal source to ensure the pixel level synchronization of each lens.

Image storage uses SSD for unified storage; total code rate is more than 1.2Gbps, SSD unified storage is fast and convenient, the failure rate is 1.4%-2.5% of multiple SD cards.PHIIMAX uses a fully sealed passive thermal fan structure, in that case, it can shoot 8K VR panoramic video stably for a long time at the environment of -30℃-42℃, and each has been subjected to high-intensity vibration shock test for more than 24 hours, ensures that the camera won’t be easily damaged in a hard environment and transportation.

We provide equipped with PC controller and IOS remote control program for PHIIMAX, who can real-time preview to the stitched panoramic images, there is a 2x2 high-power 5G WIFI in PHIIMAX, even without any Far-sight system, can also control it within 50 meters.

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 are TBD.

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