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Photogrammetry for High End 3D Video Production

The producers of the ORF3 TV series "Geschichte lebt!" wanted a memorable and photo realistic camera flight which starts from the bird's eye perspective. The camera then gives a view of the street level, flying along a park and several buildings, through a window of the Austrian State Archives and continuing the path inside the building through a maze of shelves and stairways moving down from the 3rd floor to the ground level before the final destination, a door, is reached.

For this seamless animation, the quality needed to be very high since the camera would come quite close to several objects and surfaces. The demand of a photo realistic 3D environment required some advanced production techniques because the final material would be rendered in resolutions up to 4K/8K and did not allow washed out or blurry surfaces. Next to the technical difficulties it was also challenging that the area and the connected buildings are very well known. This required to produce an accurate digital replica of the area.

This talk will be a quick walk through of the production process and points out which methods where used and combined. An important aspect was the incorporation of photogrammetry and the use of software that takes advantage over the GPU to calculate 3D models and textures in very high resolutions (>100k).

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Nikolaus Vuckovic Immortal Arts

Immortal-arts CEO Nikolaus Vuckovic has more than 15 years of experience in high end 3d animation for clients like Sony, BMW, Mercedes, Samsung, Lufthansa.

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