Launching World's First Panoramic Virtual Reality Camera with in Camera 8K Video Stitching

Eric Wang from Pisofttech, a technology company developing state-of-the-art technologies in computer vision and artificial intelligence, will introduce the world’s first VR 360° camera with 8K video stitching in camera and 6K real-time stitching at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference. With the new Pilot Era, photographers will be able to use a self-contained professional-grade panoramic camera to create high quality stitched videos and images easily and quickly and upload them, all from within the camera itself.

Pisofttech, the maker of the Pilot Era, is the top 3 panoramic and 3D algorithm solutions provider in the world, developed the stitching algorithm used in more cameras globally than any other. The company has provided panoramic IP algorithms to chip companies such as Rockchip as well as the core panorama technology to cloud platforms such as Tencent cloud. Pisofttech’s algorithms have made it much easier to stitch an image in the camera, allowing for fast recording and uploading and no more overnight editing sessions. The new Pilot Era is the company’s all-in-one 360° VR camera; one which redefines the VR camera user experience.

The new Pilot camera frees photographers and VR content creators from days of painful post processing effort to stitch together the panoramic video. Now they can conveniently and easily shoot extremely high-quality panoramic images and videos to create immersive experiences and share them in real time without any additional equipment. Our core technology is the object recognition algorithm, including motion analysis technology, which enables the panoramic camera to detect and interact with images more accurately and makes it smarter. This technology will be integrated into the Pilot Era soon, so that the camera can recognize images locally rather than having to upload them to the cloud for recognition and analysis. This will provide a huge performance advantage over systems that rely on the CPU or GPU to run vision algorithms.

Pilot Era is the only camera which can shoot and record images and videos from 4k to 8k and stitch 4K to 6K video seamlessly in real time inside the camera. It can also stitching 8K video inside the camera with a 1 to 1.8 time ratio, that means to stitch 1 minute 8K video in about 1.8 minutes. Users can select different resolutions to achieve better image performance, for example shooting and recording video in 4k at 60 frames per second or 8k at 30 frames per second depending on the circumstance. A photographer can also preview the panorama in real time, on the camera’s screen or from the mobile app.


Eric Wang Pisofttech

Eric Wangle, co-founder, and CIO of Pisofttech, has spent the last 5 years working with the panoramic and 3D algorithm solution. 4 years ago, he joined Pisofttech and participated in the development of the world’s first AR SDK for Google glasses. 3 month ago, Pisofttech has launched World's First Panoramic VR Camera within Camera 8K…

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