"Hovering Among the Lotus"
by Yuqing Guo

These days "point and shoot VR cameras" are all the rage. They can capture our everyday lives in 360 and make them memorable. More than just a passing novelty, the images shot with these cameras are easy to share and enjoyable to experience.

I believe point and shoot VR cameras are especially compelling in tiny spaces and group portraits. I also think that point and shoot cameras have the potential to be even more extraordinary if only we know how to get the most from them.

In this presentation, I will share the evolution of the point and shoot VR camera and give a brief demonstration of my workflow. Not only will I show you how I get the highest image quality possible from these devices, I will also tell the stories behind some of my shots in my portfolio. Trust me. You will find many of these tales quite interesting!

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

Presented by

Yuqing Guo

From Beijing, China, Yuqing Guo is a 360 VR photography maniac! Guo has given presentations about his work in 360 VR photography at Photoworld Magazine, a publication for which he has also written articles about panoramic photography. In 2018 and 2015, Guo won the Silver Award in the 360/VR category at the EPSON International Pano…

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