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With more and more VR headsets available in the market, it is much easier for users to view the 360° content in a more immsersive and interactive way. However, there are some more to do after we shooting & stitching the 360 media with the right gears if we want our content displaying in the best way across these devices.

In this workshop we shall talk about how to prepare content for viewing with different resolution & bitrate, as well as the options for content distribution. Special precautions for stereoscopic 3D and live streaming VR will also be covered.

Workshop presented by:

KC Lai iZugar Studio

KC Lai, Founder of iZugar Studio. We created many super fisheye lenses for 360 video, and keep shooting seamless 4K video with just two gopro camera. Our 3D360 system is the most affordable solution that welcomed by the community.


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