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Puccho A-N 4D Goggles Robotic Headset

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Hajime Watanabe will discuss the project to synchronize a robot arm with a virtual reality movie.

For one of the promotions for a chewy soft candy “Puccho” of UHA Mikakuto, the manufacturer and seller of Confectioneries and Foods in Japan, Pyramid Film Quadra created special 4D goggles. While using the goggles, a very popular actress appearing in the product’s commercial will personally hand you a Puccho candy.

In the shoot, they shot less than an inch to her fingertips by using the standard 4K3D60P. Also, they developed a playback system to check the movie immediately in equirectangular and a live-preview feature that enables them to check the shot immediately. They have implemented spatial audio that reacts to the head movements of the user.


Hajime Watanabe

Production Manager of Commercial Movie / WEB Movie / VR Movie.

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