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Re-Discovering the Magical Realism of Post-Conflict Colombia Using VR

One of the biggest challenges in Colombia after the signing of the peace agreement is to consolidate actions from the territories that open the possibility of living calm in places where one day the war was latent for more than 50 years.

Today the story is different, the indigenous communities of Cauca, one of the regions that suffered violence and oblivion the most, see tourism as an engine of transformation and a vehicle to promote peace.

At the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference Mónica Mesa will present how Virtual Reality as an "empathy machine" will allow them to generate more visibility of their cultural value and ancestral riches. Immersive technologies will be key to bridging the gaps between local and foreign citizens with these communities.


Monica Mesa Perspektiva 360

Mónica is a 27-year-old engineer and panorama photographer, co-founder of Perspektiva 360, a 4 year-old company and one of the leading in Colombia in content and immersive technologies.

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