Speaker: Ignacio Margelí Ferrando


Ignacio Margelí Ferrando is a mountaineering and outdoor sports enthusiast from Spain. He explores 360 media with the same passion as he does mountains. He has been shooting 360 photography since the 1990s and founded Abaco Digital in 1998, and he has been developing 360 video techniques for a number of years.

This past year has been really amazing; I have been travelling all over, working on some wonderful 360 video and photography projects. I have been a highlander soldier in Waterloo, in Senegal working on a project for the Climate Change Summit, in Lapland filming sledge dogs, in Miami, in South Africa, France, Qatar…

In my talk I will explain the different challenges these projects brought and the solutions that had to be developed to solve these. I’ll go into detail about three projects – Waterloo, Senegal and South Africa – because they involved collaborations with other 360 video professionals, and because this, for me, highlights the importance of the IVRPA conferences; this is where we met, and where the project seeds were planted. The networking that happens here can lead to partnerships that can solve difficult challenges and lead to amazing projects.



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