SPEAKER: Sergey Semenov

Our new shooting 2015 - Land of bears. Shooting wildlife in 360video format from drone and onland. Kamchatka, Kuril islands.

Airpano viewer. Software that helps.
Main features:
- Player/Viewer of most popular types of 360 media content
- Multiwindow interface
- Sortable and draggable files list
- Drag and drop between windows
- Watch in different porjection (Normal, Stereoscopic, Architectural)
- Toggle 360 and Flat view on the fly
- Export current view in high resolution with selected projection
- Export current view of 360 video
- Export panoramas as 360 Video
- 360 Video format conversion and resize
- Export standard krpano virtual tour
- Tasks queue, makes possible add tasks to a queue, so you don't need to wait until task is done

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