Sonic VR: Regaining Ground for Sound in a Visually Driven Space

In the race to create great VR, sound is often an afterthought. This is set to change as new spatialization tools are becoming widely accessible and VR platforms can increasingly support new 360 audio formats. This talk by Joel Douek from EccoVR at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will cover:

  • the role of sound and music in VR / AR
  • bringing VR sound into early discussion & conception on projects
  • new developments that are placing 360 sound firmly on the map
  • attention directing & emotion directing
  • creating sound-led VR experiences vs visual-led VR experiences

Attendees will gain the tools to maximize the use of sound for meaningful and memorable VR experiences.

More and more VR producers are recognizing that sound is a full 50% of the available experience for their users and a powerful tool to direct attention and emotion. But it doesn't stop there. For thousands of years we've used sound as the original augmented reality, qualifying and uplifting experiences from workouts to weddings, calls to prayer and ambulances whizzing by. We've built spaces, cathedrals to champion and transcend the human experience through sound and music. According to cutting-edge neuroscience, when you move to music in synchrony with another person, your brain starts to blur its sense of self. Throughout our lives it is a social glue that binds and bonds us more closely, bringing meaning and reinforcing memories. What does all this mean for VR & AR? It means we've only scratched the surface of sonic in these newly imagined spaces.

This talk will look at the role of sound and music in the emerging VR / AR & Mixed Reality culture. It will present the case for considering sound at the very earliest stages of project conception, and re-introduce it as a full partner in creating best-in-class experiences. It will present approaches to both emerging audio technologies and content creation, looking at case studies, effective workflows, and future possibilities. It hopes to provide audio directors, sound designers and VR producers the tools to articulate the value of sonic as they work and inspire ideas that go beyond the basics of current VR sound.

Presented by:

Joel Douek EccoVR, Inc.

ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek is an award-winning composer and sound designer whose work has brought many top Virtual Reality experiences to life, as well as numerous BAFTA and Emmy-winning productions. Born in London, England, Joel draws heavily on his background in music and neuroscience to guide & innovate the use of sound to bring…

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