Designing and Creating Spatial Audio for 360º Videos

This workshop by ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek at the IVRPA Tokyo 2018 Conference will highlight the role and value of immersive audio in Virtual Reality and key workflows to achieve best-in-class experiences. It will introduce tools that are free or cheap for low budget creators as well as resources that are used by professional studios.

This workshop will provide step by step instructions of a typical spatial audio workflow using available tools:
• Pre-production - concept, communication and planning
• Production - using 360 audio recording techniques
• Post-production - creating spatial mixes, working with video, encoding and delivery for multiple 360 platforms (YouTube, Facebook, GearVR, Oculus Go etc.).

To get the most out of the workshop registered attendees should bring a Mac or PC laptop and headphones. In advance of the class, links will be distributed to download the free software and example 360º audio post-production session that will be used for hands-on spatializing practice.

For the practical portion of the workshop:

  1. Please download and install Reaper (Digital Audio Workstation). It is free!

  2. Once you have installed Reaper, download and install the Facebook360 Spatial Workstation (VST version 3.2.0). Also free!

  3. Now download the example session we will be using for the workshop. Download both the Reaper session (.RPP) and the Media Files folder, and place both on your desktop.

Presented by:

Joel Douek EccoVR, Inc.

ECCO VR co-founder Joel Douek is an award-winning composer and sound designer whose work has brought many top Virtual Reality experiences to life, as well as numerous BAFTA and Emmy-winning productions. Born in London, England, Joel draws heavily on his background in music and neuroscience to guide & innovate the use of sound to bring…

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