Virtual Reality is much older than one might think -- it actually began with the stereoscope, back in the 1850s, when stereoscopy became a craze and millions of cards were produced over a relatively short period.

Stereo cards allowed the Victorians to discover a world few had actually seen for real but that they could now explore from the comfort of their homes in full 3D as if they were actually there.

The Victorians may not have been able to do 360º images but they invented the 3D panorama and even 3D motion. Historians debate when the first 3D stereoscopic film was released but speaker Pellerin believes it happened as early as 1852!

Date and time for this talk at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Denis Pellerin

Denis Pellerin is a self-taught photo-historian with an MA in Art history from the Sorbonne and, most importantly, a very strong passion for nineteenth century stereo photography. Denis has been researching and learning about the history of stereo photography for over 30 years and has written multiple articles and books on the subject, both in…

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