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With broad experience in 360º stereo productions, Antonio has mastered stereo panoramic stitching. In this workshop, Antonio will show us his particular technique in dual-camera 360º stereo stitching, which is based not only on his acquired know-how but also on the research and development of fellow panoramic photographers.

Stereoscopic stitching of 360º images can be complicated. This is not only a matter of stitching a left and right eye as separate panoramas, but the two panoramas need to be linked together to correlate the two images/eyes. This significant correlation, if not correctly implemented, can lead to vertical disparities. This is one of the most common stitching problems which results in uncomfortable stereo viewing.

During the workshop, Antonio will demonstrate his stitching method and will also cover his current research and development in the field. The workshop will be done in PTGui, so a working copy of this software (v10 or v11) will be required for those attending. Bring your own stereo example to stitch, or a sample will be provided.

Date and time for this workshop at IVRPA Belfast 2019 are TBD.

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Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano Zakato Interactive Imaging

I come from a background of research in 3D computer graphics. One quiet and clear day, while surfing the net, I got hooked with the fisheye magic of panoramic interactive images. That happened by the end of the 2nd millennium, and since then I have been fishing 360º images.

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