Over the past decade, Google Street View has organized the largest ever collection of panoramic photography. In this talk, I will review the early days of the project, recounting Street View’s emergence from trials and tribulations to its current status as a major Google initiative.

Today, Street View imagery covers 7 continents and more than 65 countries, and it’s used by millions of people every day. In addition, thanks to a vibrant community of panoramic photographers and the efforts of numerous passionate partners, Street View has expanded well beyond streets—ski slopes, bike paths, university campuses, hiking trails, mountains, cultural landmarks, museums, even coral reefs—and a growing number of beautiful sites are now available to virtual explorers around the world.

Collectively, these efforts have set the stage for panoramic professionals and their high–quality content to enjoy much greater exposure.

Presented by:

Luc Vincent Google

After a working on computer vision applied to document imaging for over a decade, Luc Vincent joined the Google Books team in 2004. In his Google "20% time", he helped bootstrap a research project attempting to systematically capture large amounts of street level images and make them universally accessible and useful. Under Luc's leadership, the…

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