A World a Week - Illustrated VR Panoramas

Tessa is a graphic designer and illustrator with an interest in non linear story telling. She started creating illustrated panoramas as a personal project, just for fun (formerly aWorldaWeek). When she discovered the potential of illustrated panoramas she decided to turn them into a business.

Illustrated interactive 360° panoramas offer fascinating possibilities in terms of narrative and design. It is a unique way to tell an immersive story, with or without interactive elements, animation or sound. Furthermore in this age of hyper-realistic computer generated imagery people are finding a new appreciation for hand drawn imagery. Sometimes it can even be advantageous to show an obvious sketch rather than sleek rendering with a finished look.


Presented by:
Tessa Schlechtriem

Tessa Schlechtriem


Tessa specialises in visual branding and narrative illustrations. Her motto is: “Please allow me to illustrate your point!” She holds a M.A. degree in Image Synthesis and Computer Animation. Her panoramic photographer husband got her hooked on panoramas.

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