We’re happy to announce that our website finally uses secure https protocol, which was long overdue.

To fix more pending issues and to give visitors an overall better experience, the site still is under maintenance.

In case you encounter issues, particularly in the forum, please be patient and try again later. In case the issue continues, please report to info@ivrpa.org.

Thank you for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “The IVRPA website is under maintenance

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    I just tried to post my previous comment and I got an error message saying that I need to solve the captcha. But there is no captcha! I did a back and tried to repost, still no captcha. I hit the “Post Comment” again and it worked.

    Changing connections in a web site is a very tricky job, mainly if you don’t know how it has been knitted! We already experienced many errors and I hope your Mrs Enigma knows what staging means.

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