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We are already great at shooting 360 photos and videos. With that knowledge and adding Unity knowledge, there won’t be any limits for what we can create. VR for headsets, 360 photos controlled by gestures, etc.… And it is not just limited to VR, learning Unity will allow you to start in the world of Augmented reality, Mobile Development, Mixed Reality, IoT, among others.

After four years of shooting 360 photos and videos, my clients started asking me for custom VR Apps for Headsets. I did not have them and had to see how my competitors were offering them, and clients loved it. So I started a journey of learning to code.

Most lessons about Unity out there are focused on Game Development. Most of the few books and tutorials about Unity with 360 contents that I tried, did not work. That is why it is challenging to find accurate information. In this workshop, I summarize months of practice and research for IVRPA members. This is Unity development from a 360 photographer’s perspective, driven by the needs of real customers. If you attend this workshop, you will save 3-6 months of self-learning or save hundreds of dollars in Unity paid lessons.

What will we do? I am sharing with you the basic knowledge for you to get started. We will see the basic concepts of Unity development and explore the interface. We will take three spherical panoramas and one 360-video to learn how to use them. We will also take a look at how we will use Oculus Go controllers to switch between panoramas and export an APK for the headset. If the time allows it, we will create a basic User Interface for our app. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

Note: This workshop is ideal for photographers with no experience or in Unity. From that point, you will have a clearer idea of how to go on. You are cordially invited to attend this workshop :)

Date and time for this workshop at IVRPA Belfast 2019 is TBD.

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Juan Camilo Infante Barón Perspektiva 360 S.A.S

I am passionate about Entrepreneurship and technology. I have been on the recent organizers team for Belfast where he gave a workshop on native VR app development. Co-founder at a VR company, 360 photographer, Unity Developer for Oculus/OpenVR, I am also an US State-Fellow(, a network of Young entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean,…

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